Demi Moore in a love affair with a Serbian stylist?


After three unsuccessful marriages, it is allegedly related to a woman
Hollywood actress and Masha Mandzuka together raise a girlfriend.
According to the article of the American tabloid “Radar Online”, Demi Moore (56) is in a relationship with the Serbian stylist Masha Mandzuka (43) for two years.

The two ladies are the regular target of the American paparazzi who noticed that the Hollywood actress placed a children’s seat in her car for Masha’s 2-year-old daughter Rumi.

For the sake of the truth, the Serbian media reported that in August 2017, Demi visited Belgrade, having fun at a raft, drinking and dancing with close friend Masha Mandzuka”.

”¬†On Saturday we played for Demi Moore on our raft. She came with a bigger company, and her friend Masha was there. They were having fun and stayed all night long. We played, and they danced all night “said Toma Panters a member of the group “Black Panthers “.


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