You are who you are


Love is a sort of spiritual awareness that gives meaning to life. At birth, we are all given the ability to love during a state when we are most innocent and fragile. It is likely the purest love we may ever experience because we are at the most vulnerable point of our existence. As infants, adolescents, and into adulthood, love must be cultivated unconditionally but, , that is not always the case.

A relationship of love is sometime also cross the lines of gender. It is sometime homosexuality love with heterosexuality complex relationship. It is a love quote for gays community. Gays always less considered in any community and they face issues while trying to getting their rights of equality whether it is love or any other aspect of life.

Love is not just a feeling it’s the source of all goodness and true happiness. You are who you are.  BE YOU.  It’s the hottest thing.


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