Gay couples better parents


From recent research, the findings have shown that children raised by same-sex parents are much more successful in life …

… unlike those who were raised by their mother and father.
“Lesbians and gay couples are much better parents than standard men and women,” said Steven Scott, head of the research.
His controversial research results suggest that children who have two mothers-mothers are far more ambitious than other children. Also, the survey confirms that children who grow up with 2 mothers have nothing to do with the tendency of homosexuality.

The research conducted in London, explains the results with the theory that couples of the same sex are better parents, because they can not have such a child so easily and bred.
The couple must be very ready for getting children, because they have to make a firm decision to adopt a child or find a sperm donor, which, although it resembles, is not an easy task to do.
According to the annual British social behavior reports, more than 1/3 of Britons believe that same-sex parents are as good as heterosexual couples.
“This Terror is completely different from the statements of the current government, but also of the opposition. But if over time the superiority of these surveys over those that this current government has forced them from a long time ago, there could be serious changes in Behavior towards homosexual parents, and hence their chances of conquering children, “a British Parliament official said.


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