Victoria’s Secret’s new angel is growing up with gay parents


Victoria’s Secret’s new angel is more than a gorgeous girl – she’s fed through artificial insemination and is growing up with gay parents
Josephine Skriver is 24 years old and is the latest model that will take Victoria’s Secret’s wings and thus get the status of an “angel.”
So far, she has had 3 appearances of this brand’s magazines, followed by the exciting news.

“When I found out I could not stop jumping from happiness. It was a dream come true. I worked hard and the fact that it finally happened, it seems unrealistic. ”
Skriver appeared for the first time at the Victoria’s Secret show in 2013 and soon afterwards found her way to fashionable campaigns and underwear catalogs.
But Josephine is much more than just a gorgeous girl and a pretty face.
It is conceived through artificial insemination and is raised by two gay parents, a father who has another partner and a mother who has a partner. There is also younger brother Oliver, who has the same biological parents and he conceived the same way.

Josephine was discovered in New York when she was only 15 years old. At that time international treaties were offered, but she refused them because she thought she was too young and needs to be educated.
Now, having entered the world of fashion and show business, he uses his popularity as an activist for the rights of the LGBT community. He speaks openly about his growth with two gay parents.
“I am a human being. I have the capacity to love and be loved. I feel empathy. I have a mind that allows me to form opinions. I form my thoughts. I do. I feel joy. I feel grateful. I am a daughter of two beautiful parents who are gay. I’m a sister to the same human being as me. I have friends. At the same time, I am a lover. I am a lot of things, but I’m not artificial. There is no artificial being. For me, the family is a group of people that binds love. My parents have a desire to bring me to this world and therefore have embarked on this process. Do my mom and dad not deserve joy because they are gay? Why should the heat of parenting be shortened? Why are not they allowed the basic human right – to make love? ”


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