Have you heard of Bromosexuals


Bromosexuality  is a term used to describe an intense, asexual friendship between two men, one of whom is homosexual.
Although they have different goals, one wants to sleep with women, and the other with men, “bromo-sexual” (a combination of the words “brothers” and “romance”) can be very good friends who understand perfectly.
Friendship between heterosexual and homosexual men is not a novelty in the world, but so far it is completely unknown in pop culture.
One of the biggest stereotypes in pop culture is convincingly women who have homosexuals, and two men, one of whom is homosexual, has never been too represented in Hollywood.
Ten years ago, such a friendship would be considered by the general public with disbelief, but it has recently started to be mentioned in books, on television and in cinemas.
The distinctive features of bromo-sexual relationships are the masculine gender of the two friends, in contrast to the stereotypes in which a homosexual man assists the heterosexual friend in the choice of clothes, hairstyles or interior arrangement.

Now more and more the idea is accepted that heterosexual men can be a great support for their homosexual friends in getting out and finding a potential partner.
Many homosexual men avoid having to discover their sex life in the world for fear of losing friends. But many would be very pleasantly surprised to receive the greatest support from their friends.
One of the opinions is that the culture in which homosexuals and heterosexuals grew together contributes significantly to the sense of unity among men, regardless of their sexual orientation.
Older men increasingly have a traditional view of homosexuals, full of fear and not understanding.

The most fun aspect of friendship between homosexual and heterosexual men is probably jealousy. Heterosexual men are very jealous with ease their gay friends find sex partners.
But you need to know that homosexuals are really strict about each other when it comes to appearance. On the other hand, heterosexual men can afford to ignore the appearance, but that almost does not affect their lives.
The old stereotype monitors difficulties when homosexuals and heterosexuals talk about sex. Homosexuals do not talk about what happens during sex, but about the circumstances that led to that situation.

Many heterosexual men feel some discomfort when talking about homosexual sex, because they are aware that they do not fully understand the topic.

It is nevertheless good when people with different experiences live and share friendships.



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