Mykonos Gay Friendly Island


Hora’s narrow tapes witnessed funny and dramatic situations with homosexuals, celebrities and strangers, from around the world. Every year there are homosexual conferences, homosexual parties, homosexual travels – you name it. The Super Paradise Beach became internationally known as a true paradise for homosexuals. The end of the beach on the right side has been a meeting place for homosexuals around the world for years. Elijah Beach is another favorite prosperity, and is actually from those who like a quieter vacation. Beyond its gay-friendly beaches, Mykonos is generally a different open space. In fact, there is no beach where the presence of a homosexual couple will cause the heads to turn, except perhaps for the socially-oriented Psarou family. But it is at night when Mykonos friendly attitude really comes into it’s own.

The quitting of the Queen shows the steps of Piro and Ikaros, gay weddings, things and arguments are still being talked about. Pierre is the most famous gay bar on the island and one of the most famous in the world, has recently expanded, expanding his domain to Ikaros and Manddo. In this way it created a whole city block, where the party never stops and the “extreme” patrons are the norm, As a multirate site, it is a magnet for people of all nationalities and ages, including people who come for music.
Another hot spot is Porta, a bar hidden behind the famous Nikos tavern, a friendly place that mainly contains music from the ’70s, where you can really feel at home. And while you’re on the subject of gay bars, we must not forget Castro, down in Mali Venezia, which for more than 20 years is the most romantic place for everyone to enjoy a drink and see the sun go down.

The colorful presence of people with special preferences is part of the park’s atmosphere on the island, and never worried about naturally hospitable islands. It is typical of the position at the place where the most fascinating “cruise” is around Paraportiani, the island’s most famous church. And why should it come as a surprise? About this is Mykonos, an island that has proven to be able to host the elite of four decades, which emerged from its ashes as a phoenix, when everyone wrote it.

The island that managed to expand its summer season to six or more months of the year, and is “made for everyone”, but above all has an unbearable conclusion and endurance. The only dark period was the eruption of AIDS in the late 1980s, but was quickly overcome and was followed by a new era of greater discretion and increased attention. Today, homosexuals and routes continue to enjoy Mykonos, one by one. In heaven, you see, there is room for everyone, and there are no minorities on Mykonos only people with the courage of their choice.


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