XLSIOR Festival


When trying to define the ultimate gay summer holiday, one place often springs to mind: the world-known destination of Mykonos!

Even though civil partnerships for same-sex couples has only recently become legal in Greece, this small Mediterranean country and friendly, vibrant and fabulous Cycladic gem is proud to be one of the global landmarks of gay travel.

But why is Mykonos so popular with gay travelers? Over the past decades, Mykonos has developed a distinctive gay-friendly attitude, that cannot be compared with any other destination.

The widely popular XLSIOR festival, takes place every August in Mykonos, attracting thousands of gay travelers from across the globe. August is the busiest month for Mykonos, and XLSIOR makes it even hotter! Gathering some of the best international DJs, XLSIOR hosts numerous parties through its seven-day duration.

The festival is known for attracting some of the hottest men with incredible bodies and professional tanning  they’re so handsome you might think they are models!

Enjoy summer see you there!


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