How children live in gay marriages Loved, Successful,Proud


At the moment when the whole world is debating the equality of gay marriage and when it is officially accepted or forbidden by a new country every day, many of the children raised in such marriages have decided to state their views.
In 2013, the last research on this topic was conducted, ie how same-sex marriages affect the development of children adopted by them.
It covered 500 different children across Australia, which gave a surprisingly positive conclusion: children from these families are progressing well, they are better off with their parents and they have healthier habits.
Here are some of the statements that created this picture:

A.J. Costa, a Texas-based student who lives with two mothers – “I am unbelievably proud of my family, because we are a normal version of a modern family – Christians and supporters of the LGBT group. It’s just like having parents with different skin color. It is important that we love, fight and manage just like everyone else. And I’m so glad that it is! ”

Alia Shane, a daughter of two mothers who have been living together for 31 years – “My parents provided me with unconditional love and support, which I needed to grow into what I am. They taught me the courage, how to stand behind my beliefs and prepare me how to help those who did not have much luck in life. ”

Daniela Silber, a child of two mothers and two fathers – In 1982, two lesbian mothers and two bisexual fathers decided to get a child together. 9 months later, Daniela was born, and 5 years later she received a younger brother.
“He is my closest personality in life and my favorite partner in the active struggle for equality of same-sex love. Although growing in a homophobic and heterosexual society is not easy, my family has taught me that our diversity can be our strength! ”

Sharon Shatuck, the daughter of two mothers who changed sex – “Marsy and Tricia are my mothers who are the right pillar of our family. We are considered boringly normal, even though I’m already making a documentary for my family. ”

Paul Perry, son of two fathers – “I grew up in a traditional society and I am unbelievably proud of my family, because we always defied the worst aspects of the tradition, while at the same time we adhered to some standing values ‚Äč‚Äčthat meant to us. The balance has helped us succeed. ”

Today same-sex marriages are legally legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, California and many more countries around the world. But adoption and artificial insemination is still a taboo that nobody ever wants to talk about.
Some claim that the population is declining with the spread of these families, others are concerned about the physical and mental health of children brought up in same-sex families.
What is your opinion? Justify or rigorously condemn?


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