Sean Hayes “Jack” is gay in his private life


After actor Sean Hayes accepted the role of Jack McFarland in the series “Will and Grace” everyone wanted to learn about his sexual orientation.
In an interview, he said:
“When I have a gay role, I want to be as confident as possible. The same goes for when I play Straight. The less you know about my private life, so I can be more confident in the roles. ”


He had never been said to be gay until now. It is opened for the first time in the next issue of The Advocate.

“I am what I am. I’ve never been hiding. I have done so much for the gay community. What do you expect more? Should I walk on a gay parade? ”
The series “Will and Grace” has not been shot for 11 years and is in contact with Megan Malali (Karen).

“I am currently with a person I love very much”

That’s all I need. I do not work much. I live as a grandfather of 85 years. A quiet dream is a fantastic thing. ”

In January 2017, NBC closed a deal for a new 10-episode season of the series, to air during the 2017-18 season. Hayes will executive produce this season as well as creators/executive producers Max Mutchnick and David Kohan.



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