Montevideo capital of the most gay-friendly country in South America


The global city of Montevideo receives much attention from people around the world, especially from the LGBT community. Uruguay is rated as a country gay-friendly in South America. On top of the city as a cosmopolitan center, Montevideo is recognized to have the highest quality of life outside any city in Latin America.

. It is quite dazzling and eye opening place to visit, due to its vibrant and lively scene. Since Uruguay legalized the same-sex marriage in 2012, the presence of gay couples quickly became commonplace. The LGBT community has tremendous support from the younger generation. The city has “do not ask, do not say” vibrations about it, so discrimination should be at least a concern.

The city and the night scene in Montevideo is the most exciting, especially the kitchen. There is a wide choice of restaurants and food throughout the city, as well as several important restaurants. The Rambla, the route along the entire Montevideo coast, is the center of attention in the city – processed with more restaurants and bars that attract tourists and natives every day of the year.


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