Gay in Italy Most Romantic Country


Italy is the most romantic country in the world one of the favorite destination to the LGBT community.
They all dreamed of spending holidays in one of the sexiest Mediterranean countries, natural beauties, a rich food culture, and some of the sexiest people in the world.

Rome is certainly one of the most attractive cities in Italy, especially for homosexual couples!
With a little research, you will find many references to homosexuality in old Rome, a fact that could make your way to events more interesting.
Rome is the only city in Italy with the entire street dedicated to gay life and one of the few in Europe. This street is Via San Giovanni in Laterano, very close to the Colosseum.
Life in Rome includes practically everything that has a wide range of homosexual places like gay clubs, bars, cafes, gay saunas, homosexuals and more.

Rome Gay Scene
Gay Scene in Rome Includes Totally … Everything! From frightening homosexual cafes, where you can socialize during the day, to get cruises where you can explore the sexual side of homosexual life.
Before we begin exploring gay life in Rome, it should be noted that Rome is one of the most interesting cities in Italy, regardless of its travel, because it is packed with educational and recreational things to do every one enjoys. It is very difficult to choose only a few good quality from Rome, which makes it a great destination to visit … a rich local culinary tradition. Beautiful Historic Monuments. Friendly people. Little and great opportunity to buy. Well, if we continue this way, this article will never end.
It should be noted that although Rome as a friendly friendly hotspot with more homosexuals through it, we recommend maintaining a discreet profile as the Catholic Church continues to affect the city as well as the entire country.

Gay Areas
Gay Street from Rome may be the only homosexual resort in Italy, designated as a gay and lesbian settlement. Via San Giovanni in Lateranno, the street name is actually a shopping and bar area of ​​300 meters, in the center of Rome leading to the Colosseum. At the beginning is a big flag with “Gay Street” with the symbol of the river. Here are some popular gay bars and bars, but the most popular homosexuals in the city are not on this street.

Gay Bars
Rome has a very small homosexual scene, as most homemakers prefer to visit gay clubs or homosexuals. This can also be caused by the fact that Rome is filled with a few gay friendly locations, such as restaurants, small cafes, bars and so on, which attract mixed crowds. However, this has led to the development of gay clubs and cruises, with something you will not find in many other cities.

Gay Clubs and Events
As noted above, Rome has different gay party scenes, with several dance parties and thematic clubs. Although clubs are not exclusively called homosexuals, they organize themed entertainment, usually weekly, exclusively for gay and lesbian audiences. Some of the most popular gay-friendly clubs are L’Alibi, Planet Roma, Chubbe, Monk Club and Cafe Opero.
In addition to regular entertainment, there are several other events in Rome, such as Gay Village, Roman Pride or Catacombs – which you must review before planning your vacation in Rome.




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