A romantic proposal for Former Olympic diver in Venice and He said YES


Proof that social networks, except for entertainment, can grow into something bigger and that is the love story between Johan Jimmy Sjödin former Olympic diver and self-described ‘InkedViking’ and his fiancé Patrick Huber German body builder and graphic designer.

They met on Facebook and so their love story begins. After 17 months Patrick is preparing a wonderful surprise, he brings Jimmy to a surprise trip, somewhere where he always wanted to go.

The romantic journey ends in Venice where, in the most romantic way, driving on a gondola, Patrick asks Jimmy to marry him.
He kneels on his knee and through tears poses the question, and Jimmy of course accepts.

They want the wedding to be on the day they became boyfriends in New York on May 28.

They plan to spend their honeymoon at the Maldives by showing the openness of the Maldives to the LGBTQ community.

Best Wishes Loves!



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