Five Sex Questions That You Must Ask Your Partner


If you want a great intimate relationship and great sex, for some things you have to talk openly with your partner.

Remember that sex must be fun and relaxation for both, and to achieve it, you must talk openly with your partner.
You need to ask some questions:

“What protection will we use?”
“Do you have a condom” is not really a sexy question, but it is one of the most important issues before getting into action. This is especially true when in a new connection.
The protection of your health must be in the first place.

“Do you want to try …?”
Sex is the best when you have similar views with your partner. You may want to experiment in the bedroom, but does your partner want the same thing? You must ask!
Openly tell him what excites you, but ask him where he is ready to go. If you are embarrassed to do that person in person, make it by phone call or message.

“Does that move make you feel good?”
Sex is not good if the two do not enjoy it, so you have to ask your partner if he suits a particular posture or maybe wants something different. When trying new things this issue is especially important.
Also, if certain moves do not suit you, you should tell him openly.

“Is there anything you do not want?”
You have to get to know each other and know where your borders are.
“What are your fantasies / fetishes?”
In this conversation, you may realize that you have the same fantasy or fetish.
But even if this is not the case, the open conversation will make you have a much stronger and more intimate relationship. It will improve your communication and will shake the atmosphere in the bedroom.








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