Designer Michael Kors answers 73 questions about Vogue in the apartment where he lives with his husband


Michael Kors opened the doors of his home in New York and responded to 73 short questions about Vogue.

In the video, the famous designer reveals that the best part of his work are the people he met and admits that the phrase he uses most often is “too chic”.
Kors claims that in the fashion world, he is most excited by the changes and describes fashion as “the right thing at the right time.” The 59-year-old creator also reveals that he remodeled his mother’s wedding dress when he was only 5 years old.
Although most often dressed in black, Kors took the camera in his closet to show that he does not own only black clothes.
See the video in which his husband Lance Le Pere appears, with whom he is married for seven years.


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