The Love Story of a Gay Couple that Ruined all Prejudices


Their love story differs significantly from those in Hollywood, but that does not mean that it’s worth less. For 10 years after the Los Angeles County Supreme Court overturned the ban on same-sex marriage, hostess Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi defied anyone who felt they had no right to love. “After I met Ellen, my life changed completely. Earlier I thought that in order to be strong and independent, you do not need anyone in your life. But she taught me that the more vulnerable you are and the gentle you are allowing people to see your real face, the happier you are and the more people you love. Ellen completely changed my outlook on life. Because of her, I think less of what others think of me. She taught me that I do not have to act and be someone else, and this is the greatest gift that I can get from anyone. ”
With these words, Portia described her relationship with one of the most famous drivers of today. It’s exactly these two demolished prejudices like in  Hollywood and the rest of the world, thinking that the most important thing is to be happy with someone, whether you are the same or different sex. Today they are one of the most famous gay couples.

When Portia first saw Ellen, it was love for her at first glance.
“I knew Ellen was the one right when I first looked at her, but it took me 3 years to tell her how I felt, because at that time I was shooting and I still had not disclosed to the public that I was gay. I thought it would have an impact on my career, so the relationship with the most famous lesbian in the world was not on my list of priorities. Never had such a thing ever happened to me and from that meeting it was really hard for me to take Ellen out of my head.”




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