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Be yourslelf


What holds us back from love is our ability to love ourselves.  What you’re looking to receive from other people (approval and love) you need to start giving to yourselfWhen you love yourself, you’re truly free to love others.                             “Nobody Wins By Playing Small
Remember Who You Really Are
Fearless And Beautiful

Welcome SUMMER


This rainbow ice cream taco is going to be your summer obsession.

It’s kind of like the new and improved version of Choco Taco (still love you forever, Choco Taco). The catch? You can only get them on Tuesdays for Taco Tuesday. The flavors vary from s’mores and strawberry shortcake to rainbow road, which gives off major unicorn vibes.

If you happen to hate unicorns, they also have a charcoal black coconut taco that’s topped with edible gold.

And the unicorn ice cream is sweet  too. Delicious!

Enjoy loves

Touch me like you do


Touch me when I aks Touch when I am afraid to ask.

Touch me with your lips,your hands,your heard your presence in the room.

They asked me about my happiness and I told them about you

Pride 2017